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These are a few highlights of accomplishments.
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Global IP Validation

d3.js, javascript, HTML, JSON, SQL SERVER, Powershell

This is just one analytics section of an entire portal. Warroom map of the % of working systems. List of systems in need of analysis included as part of live report. I acted as lead and only developer, Project Manager,Data Engineer, modeler and coder. Design document ⇁⇁ HERE I was also the liaison between Business and UnitedHealth Group Corporate Systems.

Investment Allocation

d3.js, Qlikivew, SQL Server

The abiltiy to examine very dense associations between investment product offerings and their allocation. This build included examples of how this sort of analysis can go down a bad path. Here is an example of the same large date used without appropriate "throttling" ⇁⇁ CLICK HERE

Commodities Investment and Insurance

SAP output, excel and custom scripting, Qlikview

All commodities aggregated for analyzing past, current and future speculative performance. Year over Year, Q over Q and Month over Month on demand analysis.

Share point Data integrated into C# Portal

C#, Javascript

Small example of using existing data "as is" base from source. Requirements to use some sources relatively untouched called for a unique approach.

TICK Stack

A test implementation of the TICK stack

Open source explorations are always an ongoing endeavor. This implementation of the TICK STACK is a live version running on my Linode server for analyzing server performance, as well as pushing and poking at its capabilities. See Active version ⇁⇁ HERE


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